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37 Sales Experts You NEED to Follow on Twitter - Outro

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Plus, a look inside the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals.

I have been in the business-to-business sales world for a while now and I am always looking to learn from the best of the best. So I wanted to make a list of some of the experts I follow that can help you in your sales journey.

These guys and gals have produced fantastic content and are sharing it. Leave a comment on the article if I have left out others that you know who are creating and sharing great content for the sales industry.

Here is a list of 37 of the great inside sales experts I follow:

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Email Etiquette: 10 Must-Follow Rules for Sales - Outro

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If you are an entrepreneur, in sales, or in general business, follow these rules to not screw up.

I'm sure you get these emails too. People asking to pick your brain, see their demo, provide feedback on their product, and the list goes on. Being a natural connector in the space, I'm constantly getting the ask, "Can you provide and intro to _____ for me."

I was able to meet up with Max Altschuler, founder of SalesHacker, who recently wrote a book, Hacking Sales. We got talking about this topic and I wanted to share our mutual agreement about the rules you must follow for email introductions.

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4 Tips for Shortening the Sales Cycle - Outro

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Expediting the "new normal" sales cycle duration.

You're probably well aware of the lengthy sales cycles commonplace in industries like real estate and automotive. But, with the continued proliferation of information-hungry consumers, long sales cycles are no longer restricted to the usual suspects.

Consumers in all industries are encouraged to seek out every piece of information available. They need to ensure that they're getting the best deal or the best product for their specific need. With countless reviews, guides, and material available at your fingertips, why wouldn't you take the time to do a bit of Internet research? At least that's the rational to quell consumers' FOMO on information.

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