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7 Sales Questions Investors Should Ask Entrpreneurs - Outro

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Investors typically do due diligence before funding an entrepreneur, but they miss these key questions.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, Matt Heinz, Founder of, about the investors I have met and raised money from. We got on the topic of what do investors look for, but also, what are they are not looking for. Matt had some great suggestions that I wanted to make sure everyone else had a chance to learn from as I did.

There are clearly countless strategic and tactical questions and directions you can take, and too often a well-meaning but misguided founder will take you down a rabbit hole that doesn’t necessarily lead to sales and revenue growth.

Matt said he has found that the following seven questions not only uncover gaps in a founding team’s strategy, but also focus and align everyone on what’s most likely going to drive repeatable, scalable, and predictable sales growth moving forward.

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How to Piggyback on Others' Business Ideas - Outro

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People fear that a disruptive startup will destroy jobs, but the reality is that each one creates more companies and jobs.

Canny entrepreneurs are starting successful businesses by linking their products and services to a new big name in an innovative industry. Called derivative startups or piggybackers, these companies identify unmet needs in the niche and offer essential support services.

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How to Build an Uber for Anything - Outro

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Know the problem you're solving, build an "on demand" technology for your own business idea, and build loyalty.

When it comes to successful startups, it would be hard to beat Uber. The startup took two problems that are virtually universal--the need for quick cash, and the need to get a ride when you need one--and solved both of them in one fell swoop.

So how do you take your business idea and turn it into the next Uber?

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Why the Online Rental Business is Booming - Outro

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Rental businesses have branched out far beyond DVD and vacation houses. Here's what it takes to get started running your own online enterprise.

Today, we can rent just about anything you can imagine online. According to Entrepreneur, there’s big money to be made renting a variety of different products. Let’s look at some of the markets out there that are being served for rentals in ways you may have never dreamed possible.

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