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5 Tips on Finding a Great Freelancer for Your Startup - Outro

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Here are some of the top ways that I've been able to find freelancers to scale my business.

Did you know that over 53 million Americans have turned to freelancing? Freelance work continues to skyrocket thanks to a changing business environment. More and more workers are taking their skills off the road, and staying in their own house. Arguably the largest market for freelance work is in the computer field. Whether it is Python development or graphic design, many companies are now hiring from the growing field of freelance workers to accomplish projects both small and large. This new model presents new challenges compared to traditional hiring methods which typically factor in face-to-face interviews and things like insurance and benefits. With this changing market comes new tips and ideas on how to find a great freelancer for your business or project. Here are some of the great ways that I've found freelancers for my business.

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