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Reliable Ways to Generate B2B Leads

Leads, leads, leads. All business owners want are more valuable and real leads—and for good reason. Without these leads you have no customers, and therefore no money.

But, the process of getting all those B2B leads you so desperately desire is a challenging one. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

You want profitable leads, and I want you to get profitable leads, so I’m going to give you four reliable ways to generate B2B leads.

Use Your Connections

You talk to internal employees, current clients, family, friends, and neighbors every day—why not use them? They have their circle of connections, and their connections have connections, so it only makes sense to ask them to go through their connections and reach out to those who could use your services.

And if you want an even simpler way to find people within your networks you should meet then use a referral automation platform. No more wasting hours every morning manually searching for people and sifting through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles every week. Utilize this useful technology to instantly find potential leads. It’s not just for you though; referral automation software also lets your employees, clients, and even your friends and family make referrals for you, and it’ll track and manage all these referrals for you as well.

Connect Your Connections

But don’t get selfish when you’re networking. If you really want networking to pay off for you and bring you some valuable leads, then start using it as a tool to connect others more so than connecting yourself. Go through your LinkedIn connections and see who inside your network should talk or meet. Be in the business of building bridges between your current connections, and soon enough the leads will flock to you like a pack of wolves flocks to its leader. Like my mom always taught me, helping others is good to do and benefits you in numerous ways, and in this case that means generating you B2B leads.

Utilize the Most Effective Social Channel

No not Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. LinkedIn is the most effective social channel for B2B lead generation. And if you don’t believe me, believe the 94% of B2B businesses that say LinkedIn is the best for qualified sales leads. When you think about it, it makes total sense. LinkedIn is where the professionals and company decision makers gather and interact. But like with any social channel, it’s not going to do the work for you to get the results you want. Here’s what you have to do for LinkedIn to help you generate leads:

  • Have a distinct and strong business account
  • Join groups
  • Be active by connecting with industry peers, sharing updates, participating in the groups you’ve joined, commenting on posts, etc.

If you’ve been trying to figure out where all those real leads you want are hiding out, they’re not hiding anywhere; they’ve just been hanging out on LinkedIn waiting for you.

Establish a Consistent Content Marketing Plan 

Content needs to be the a foundation of your marketing strategy. Creating useful, entertaining content that actually answers customer questions and solves their problems while being visually appealing and personalized to each specific audience’s need is how you’re going to attract and nurture leads and continue moving them through the sales funnel. Content marketing and lead gen work together, but what content types are the best for generating B2B leads?

  • Blogs — A fast, easy, and concise way to get your message across and address prospects’ questions
  • Infographics — A visually pleasing and easily digestible content type that’s highly shared on social media.
  • White Papers — A great marketing tool to use during the consideration stage that shows your company’s credibility and position as an industry thought leader.
  • Webinars — A low-cost tool that informs your target audience about a chosen topic and gives them real-time insights and exhibits your thought leadership.

Address prospect concerns and questions through the right content types during each stage of the sales funnel to really leverage your lead gen efforts.

With these four reliable ways, you’ll be well on your way generating more B2B leads in no time.

What B2B lead gen tactics have you found work best for you?

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