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Using Your Current Employees to Find and Hire Amazing Talent

Your company has a myriad of assets at its disposal—all of which are aimed at increasing revenue, maximizing efforts, and improving and solidifying your company’s reputation as a leader in its industry.

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5 Tips on Finding a Great Freelancer for Your Startup - Outro

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Here are some of the top ways that I've been able to find freelancers to scale my business.

Did you know that over 53 million Americans have turned to freelancing? Freelance work continues to skyrocket thanks to a changing business environment. More and more workers are taking their skills off the road, and staying in their own house. Arguably the largest market for freelance work is in the computer field. Whether it is Python development or graphic design, many companies are now hiring from the growing field of freelance workers to accomplish projects both small and large. This new model presents new challenges compared to traditional hiring methods which typically factor in face-to-face interviews and things like insurance and benefits. With this changing market comes new tips and ideas on how to find a great freelancer for your business or project. Here are some of the great ways that I've found freelancers for my business.

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How to Piggyback on Others' Business Ideas - Outro

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People fear that a disruptive startup will destroy jobs, but the reality is that each one creates more companies and jobs.

Canny entrepreneurs are starting successful businesses by linking their products and services to a new big name in an innovative industry. Called derivative startups or piggybackers, these companies identify unmet needs in the niche and offer essential support services.

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6 Reasons Utah Is Taking the Tech World by Storm - Outro

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Utah isn't just a fly-over state anymore. Venture Capital and startups are thriving.

There are many areas in America–San Francisco, Boulder, Austin, New York, Washington DC–that are widely-known as hotbeds for technology and innovation. Utah isn’t as widely-recognized, but is quickly rising up the ranks as a focal point for tech and startups.

Here are some of the reasons the Beehive State is taking the tech world by storm:

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Business Employee Benefits - Outro

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I know it feels impossible to compete with the big boys when you are trying to hire top talent, but you can.

Recently, two big companies announced monumental changes to their parental leave policies: Virgin announced it would offer one year of paid parental leave, and Nestle announced that it would be allowing employees to take 14 weeks of paid parental leave. These are big benefits offered by big companies. So as a small business, how do you offer employee benefits that can attract big talent?

According to the most recent U.S. Census, 11 percent of the American workforce is employed by small businesses with less than 10 employees. This puts these small businesses at a huge advantage when looking to attract and hire talented employees. Small businesses have a set of unique benefits they can offer to get and keep dedicated employees. Here's a look at just a few:

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4 Niche Social Media Platforms Packed With Potential Customers - Outro

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Poor impressions and engagement on Facebook and Twitter got you down? Niche social media platforms could be just what the doctor ordered for your business.

If you're finding it difficult to reach your audience through the most populated social channels, you aren't alone. Organic reach through Facebook has long been declared "dead," and the other big players like Twitter and LinkedIn typically require some amount of paid promotion to reach your exact target. While it is still possible to convert your Facebook fans into paying customers, you need to diversify your efforts.

Enter niche social media networks. While the most popular networks are obviously used by the widest subset of people, niche networks have a smaller, very identifiable user base.

A simple Google search will open up a treasure trove of social media networks packed with potential customers.

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6 Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing - Outro

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All businesses, from the smallest to the largest, can and should use video to reach customers.

Almost every individual in business probably has the following response in regard to yet another article about video marketing: "We get it! Video is important!" You know that consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. You know that B2B and B2C marketers worldwide agree that video is the most effective social-media marketing method.

Yes, you know video marketing is powerful. But chances are, your brand isn't using it. In fact just 24 percent of brands use online video to reach customers. Why is your company ignoring this mighty tactic? Let these six video marketing ideas be your inspiration to finally start your company's initiative.

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8 Apps Your Startup Needs Right Now - Outro

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Get more done every day. Use technology and services to help.

Startups are known for moving quickly--it's what we love about them. But moving too fast without knowing whether everyone is working on the right things can stall your momentum, or even kill it. You can't just wing it.

First, read Do More Faster by David Cohen & Brad Feld. It will change your life. They introduced it to me when I went through the Techstars accelerator in Boulder, Colorado and I am a believer.

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7 Ways to Thrive as a Startup Outside of California and New York - Outro

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You don't have to live on the coasts to make it as an entrepreneur.

The word "startup" often conjures images of a small team of people working away in the founder's garage somewhere in Silicon Valley or in a tiny, wall-less office above the bustling streets of New York. Between the recent Steve Jobs biography (and related movies) and HBO's hit series Silicon Valley, the stereotype is, for lack of a better term, fair.

But anyone who follows the startup scene will probably tell you there are great things happening in areas outside of the 101 corridor in California and New York City. They may mention other coastal cities including Seattle, Boston, or Los Angeles. Great things are happening between the coasts, too, in cities like Denver, Austin, Salt Lake City, Boulder, and Chicago. Below are some of our tips to thrive--not merely survive--outside of the more well-known startup hotspots.

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