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Using Your Current Employees to Find and Hire Amazing Talent

Your company has a myriad of assets at its disposal—all of which are aimed at increasing revenue, maximizing efforts, and improving and solidifying your company’s reputation as a leader in its industry.

And while many of those assets will come in handy in increasing the attractiveness of your company to gifted individuals you want on your teams, your greatest asset for attracting new talent to your company is sitting in your offices, cubicles, and conference rooms as you read this. That’s because your your employees are the secret key, and understanding how to use your current employees to find and hire amazing new employees through referrals will prove to be very beneficial.

Employee referrals for job candidates come from roughly 30% of current employees—leaving 70% of your employee force stagnate when it comes to offering up referrals. So, how do you get the most out of your employees when it comes to candidate referrals?

Well, first and foremost, you must create a work culture that employees will want to refer their contacts to. This takes some work, but having a brand and a company employees are proud of will lead to a higher volume of employee referrals.

Secondly, you have to motivate them! An organization assuming its employees will just refer candidates naturally could find itself with disastrous results. In order to get the most from your current employees, organize a formal referral program that offers effective and desirable motivators to employees who refer qualified candidates for open positions. Gone are the days of a gift card motivating employees and here to stay are the days of real, genuine motivators, like offering paid time off or a cruise. These employees are referring top-notch candidates—reward them as such!

As part of a referral program, employers should involve the referring employees throughout the process so as to not just identify who the qualified candidates are, but to also keep employees engaged through their own assessment of the candidate’s skills. By motivating and keeping the employees engaged, the company’s attractiveness to the candidates comes from the current employees rather than from the company itself, making it more personal and meaningful.

But simply having an employee referral program isn’t enough. You must keep constant communication with employees and keep the referral program fresh and flowing with referrals. Encourage employees to constantly be on the lookout for new talent. You must take the necessary steps to provide an easy and motivating way for willing employees to refer. With the help of a referral automation platform, organizations can now use company and employee connections on social networks to assist employees in making easier referrals.

Referral automation platform will connect you to your willing employees’ contacts and find potential candidates that meet certain qualifications much faster than an employee can manually list out potential new talent. By making it easier to refer for employees, while maintaining the rewards and motivators, your organization will benefit from high-quality, effective referrals. Gathering quality leads through employee connections is half the work, and through automation systems, that is easily done for you.

One thing is for sure, employees will only refer when they’re happy. As an organization, establishing a place of work that lends itself to happy and motivated employees is the best referral program you have.

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