Our Founder & CEO Bubba Page explains the benefits of Outro Pro in under 2 minutes.

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Invite Your Company's Network

It's simple:

  • Invite people who know, like & trust you.
  • They want to help & now have an easy way to do it.
  • They sign up in minutes and make high quality referrals with a few clicks.
  • Wicked easy for them, awesome for you!

Outro Analyzes Who They Know

It's powerful:

  • Their contacts are synced into a private contact vault - they are in complete control.
  • Outro's algorithm instantly finds the relevant contacts for them to introduce to you.
  • Intros via Outro are Triple Opt-in™ only. You approve the matches, your Connector agrees to make the intros, and the contact agrees to meet you, or no introduction is made.

High Quality Introductions Are Made

It's rewarding:

  • Using our built-in rewards program, you can send them gift cards for generously introducing their friends.
  • Thank them on social media to boost their social capital.
  • Outro's reciprocity algorithm shows you the introductions you can make for them, and allows you to easily return the favor. Everybody wins!
Unlock the full value of your company's collective network to create new business and hire top talent
  • Outro Testimonial
    I just went to the top of the Outro leaderboard. I do really like the service - it makes my life a heckuva lot easier!
    (David Bradford - Author, Advisor, Investor)
  • Outro Testimonial
    Just had another great call from an intro made via Outro. This is a great platform for warm introductions, check it out!
    (Melissa Nolan - VP, Client Solutions at BrightSpeed)
  • Outro Global Referral Automation Platform
    Every conversation I've had from leads through Outro has been great...I'm sold!
    (Account Development Executive - Domo)

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