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WHY Outro?

We didn’t know it would be this hard, either.

When we're prescribed an antidepressant, we're rarely told the whole story—from the long-term side effects to how hard it is to stop them. Traditional discontinuation methods, most often rapid and linear, are not based on evidence and leave people feeling trapped on their medications, sometimes for life.

In a well-controlled study, only 6% of patients were able to get off, and stay off, their antidepressant at 12 months.
More than two-thirds of patients, most having trouble stopping previously, were able to come off their antidepressant via hyperbolic tapering.
"I was on antidepressants for 15 years and when I tried to come off them at the end of my Ph.D. (on how antidepressants work) I struggled with severe withdrawal symptoms — the most awful experience of my life.

I found there was a lack of support and knowledge from clinicians and researchers on how to safely stop antidepressants and manage withdrawal, which led me to co-found Outro."

Dr. Mark Horowitz


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