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Stopping antidepressants can be tough, but it's possible.

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Meet the first personalized, science-based solution designed for a safe and sustainable transition off your medications.

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Bring your mental health full circle

Rooted in personal experience and neurobiology, our care plans help with the challenges of getting off your antidepressants.

Minimize withdrawal symptoms
Reduce risk of relapse
Break the on-and-off cycle

A care team in your pocket

Based in the latest research, Outro combines a user-friendly app with a specialized care team, to deliver a safe and convenient path off your antidepressants.

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With an Outro Health membership you’ll be equipped with the guidance, support, and tools you need to confidently reduce your reliance on medication and transition to your next chapter of mental well-being.

Personalized Tapering Plan
Proactive Symptom Monitoring
Appointments & Unlimited Messaging
Holistic Approaches to Mental Health
Psychotherapeutic Support
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World-leading experts

Our People

We’re a dedicated team of specialists and people with lived experience, working together to build the safest and most sustainable off-ramp for medication. We’re there when you need us, and cheering you on when you don’t.

Monica Mina, NP
Director of Care
Mark Horowitz, MD, PhD
Martha Kezemidis
Director of Psychotherapy
Anthony Yeung, MD
Adele Framer
Head of Patient Advocacy
Ellen Vora, MD
Medical Advisor
Raghu Appasani, MD
Medical Advisor
Michael Apkon, MD
Board Member & Advisor

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What is hyperbolic tapering?
How is Outro different from working with another provider?
Do I need a referral to Outro from my primary care provider?
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