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Frequently Asked Questions

About Outro

Who is Outro for?
Why should I work with Outro if I want to stop my antidepressants?
How is Outro different from working with another provider?
How does Outro help minimize withdrawal and relapse?
How does Outro’s program work?
Who provides Outro’s care?
Does Outro offer therapy?
Do I need a referral to Outro from my primary care provider?
Do I need to transfer my prescription?
Is my information secure?

Membership & pricing

How much does an Outro membership cost?
Why does Outro have commitment periods?
What happens if I want to pause or stop my taper?
What is included in my Outro membership?

Your brain & Antidepressants

How does the brain change while on antidepressants?
What happens to the brain when an antidepressant is stopped?
What if I’ve been told I have a chemical imbalance or suffer from “low serotonin”?

Considering Coming off Antidepressants

For what reasons do people stop their antidepressants?
Should I come off my medication if I’m still experiencing depression or anxiety?
What are the benefits of coming off antidepressants?
Are there risks from staying on antidepressants for many years? 
Will stopping my antidepressants help reduce their adverse effects?
Why can’t I just quit my antidepressant?
What if I’ve tried to get off antidepressants before?
Will my depression, anxiety, or other condition return if I stop taking my antidepressant?
What techniques will help me avoid returning to my original mental condition?

Tapering and Withdrawal Symptoms

How long will it take me to get off my antidepressant?
What are common withdrawal symptoms from antidepressants?
How can antidepressant withdrawal symptoms last so long when it only takes a few days for the drug to leave your body?
What is the difference between a quick taper and a gradual taper of antidepressants?
What is hyperbolic tapering?
What if I do not wish to continue tapering my drug?

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