Building the off-ramp for antidepressants

Grounded in Dr. Mark Horowitz's groundbreaking work in deprescribing, Outro was created by a group of clinicians, designers, developers and advocates dedicated to patient choice and sustainable mental healthcare.

In collaboration with patients, Outro is creating the safest, most sustainable solution for antidepressant deprescribing.

Current resources on medication tapering

Outro's Taper Management service is currently only operating in the United States. However, you can find a variety of resources related to psychiatric medication deprescribing at the links below.

The Outro Library

Our Library is a free platform home to articles, forums, and an ongoing series of webinars related to tapering and non-drug mental wellness.

Provider Directory

Found in the Outro Library, the provider directory is an ever-growing list of healthcare providers who are knowledgable about tapering and withdrawal.

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Trying to change healthcare is never easy, and each note from the people who support our mission serves as useful information and fuel in our engines.