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Discover an evidence-based way to stop your antidepressants

Outro is the first service for safe, evidence-based antidepressant tapering, designed by expert clinicians and patients who’ve been there.

Developed by patients, clinicians and researchers from leading institutions

Antidepressants don’t have to be forever

Grounded in Dr. Mark Horowitz's groundbreaking work in deprescribing, Outro was created by a group of clinicians, designers, developers and advocates dedicated to patient choice and sustainable mental healthcare.

"I was on antidepressants for 15 years and when I tried to come off them at the end of my Ph.D. (on how antidepressants work) I struggled with severe withdrawal symptoms—the most awful experience of my life. I found there was a lack of support and knowledge from clinicians and researchers on how to safely stop antidepressants and manage withdrawal, which led me to co-found Outro."

Dr. Mark Horowitz

Scientific Co-Founder

Outro makes it possible to stop your medications safely

We combine the first evidence-based taper methods with digital tools and compassionate care, to help you transition off of antidepressants and prepare for a life after medication.

Hyberbolic Tapering

Invented by our co-founder, hyperbolic tapering is based on neurobiology and designed to minimize withdrawal.

Expert Clinicians

Our clinicians are trained by world-leading experts in deprescribing and withdrawal management.

What is Outro?

A science-based approach to tapering medications

Outro is a comprehensive deprescribing solution, built by world-leading experts.

Personalized, science-based taper plans

In collaboration with your Outro clinician, build a tapering plan based on science and personalized to you, your goals, and your medication. With hyperbolic tapering, our goal is to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and maintain day-to-day functioning.

Continuous support from expert clinicians

Trained by world-leading experts in deprescribing and equipped with digital tools, Outro's clinical team is equipped to help guide your taper to suit you while proactively monitoring and managing withdrawal symptoms.

Access to custom prescription sizes

Outro clinicians know how to prescribe the compounded medications needed for evidence-based tapering, and we work with specialized pharmacies that deliver the custom dose sizes to your door.

A path to sustainable mental wellness

Beyond tapering, we're dedicated to promoting sustainable approaches to maintaining mental well-being. Through our content library and partnerships, we provide education on stress management, nutrition, sleep hygiene, movement and more.


Explore commonly asked questions about Outro's services, medication withdrawal, tapering and more.

Who is Outro for?

Outro is for people 18 years and older who are currently taking an antidepressant medication and thinking about decreasing or stopping the medication altogether.

As a virtual care service, Outro’s services are currently not available for people in certain situations or with certain conditions. These include (but are not limited to) people who:

  • Have active and serious substance abuse issues
  • Have been diagnosed with dementia
  • Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder
  • Have been hospitalized for bipolar disorder in the past 12 months
  • Have attempted to end their life in the past 12 months
  • Are actively suicidal or in crisis
How is Outro different?

Safe antidepressant deprescribing requires a comprehensive approach that is often difficult for an individual prescriber to provide, due to the time required. It also requires up-to-date knowledge on the latest techniques in tapering antidepressants that are not yet widely taught in North America. Think of Outro as a specialist in tapering.

At Outro, we walk with you every step of the way. Our specialized, high-touch care team takes time to get to know you and your goals, and provides an advanced, individualized approach to tapering off antidepressants informed by the latest guidance and clinical evidence. Through Outro’s app, your symptoms and progress are continuously monitored by your Provider, who can reach out to offer coping strategies or adapt your care plan accordingly. If you have questions or concerns that arise in between appointments, your Outro provider is available via 1-to-1 chat.

What if I've tried to stop before?

Many people have difficulties when they try to go off antidepressants. Our team of expertly trained clinicians will develop a tailored tapering program, informed by the latest scientific evidence and designed to minimize withdrawal effects - even for these people who have tried to stop before.

What is hyperbolic tapering?

Hyperbolic tapering (sometimes called the Horowitz-Taylor method) is based on the fact that as antidepressant dose goes up, drug action on brain cells increases, but not in equal steps, higher dosages having less and less additional influence – a decreasing return on investment. The graph showing this is called a hyperbolic curve (goes up faster at low doses and flatter at higher doses).

Tapering based on this method gradually backs you out of the drug with reductions following this natural curve, with the size of dose reduction getting smaller as the dosage gets lower. As very low doses (e.g. 1 or 2mg) have much larger effects than people expect, many people need to taper down to very small doses before stopping so that the final ‘jump’ to zero is not too large a shock to the nervous system.

What medications does Outro taper?

Our clinical team is currently set up to help people taper off of antidepressants (e.g., dulotexine, escitalopram, sertraline, venlafaxine).

We are making preparations to expand to other psychotropic medications like benzodiazepines and gabapentinoids, which also follow the hyperbolic tapering method. You can express an interest in tapering these medications in our sign-up form.

Where is Outro available?

Outro is launching in the United States in Spring 2024. To sign up for the launch list, fill out the information in the form below.

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