Comprehensive support for safe tapering

Outro helps you reduce your reliance on medication, minimize withdrawal symptoms, and build sustainable mental well-being.

Visits with specialized clinicians

Support between appointments

Developed by patients, clinicians and researchers from leading institutions

A new method, based on your neurobiology

Invented by our co-founder, Dr. Mark Horowitz, hyperbolic tapering safely reduces medication dosage in a precise, step-by-step fashion—based on pharmacological principles.

Hyperbolic tapering

The first tapering method based on science, designed to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Personalized Support

Outro personalizes your tapering plan to fit your goals, your medication and your unique situation.

Dr. Mark Horowitz, Co-Founder of Outro Health
How It Works

Personalized tapering support, from start to finish

Complete the onboarding questions

Take a few minutes to set up your account, tell us about your antidepressant discontinuation goals, and choose a time to meet your clinician virtually.

Attend your initial consultation

Discuss your symptoms and health history in depth with a licensed clinician who is specially trained in safe deprescribing.

Receive your personalized taper plan

Your clinician will partner with you to build a tapering plan designed just for you. You can take it as fast or as slow as you need, and the custom doses will be mailed right to your door.

Taper with ongoing support

Share your progress and any concerns with your clinician during monthly visits. You can also message in between visits to ask questions and check in on how you’re feeling.

Outro's Difference

We’re the first platform dedicated to evidence-based deprescribing

Primary Care
Clinicians trained in deprescribing
Science-based tapering methods
Understands withdrawal vs. relapse
Prescribes compounded medications
Between-appointment messaging
Emphasis on non-drug methods
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Common questions

Explore commonly asked questions about Outro's services, medication withdrawal, tapering and more.

How does Outro help minimize my risk of withdrawal and relapse?

Outro provides flexible, medically-supervised tapering plan with gradual dose reductions tailored just for you. Our hyperbolic tapering method, where reductions become progressively smaller, gently minimizes nervous system disruption and withdrawal discomfort. We personalize your tapering plan based on your response, preferences, and what's happening in your life.

  • Have active and serious substance abuse issues
  • Have been diagnosed with dementia
  • Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder
  • Have been hospitalized for bipolar disorder in the past 12 months
  • Have attempted to end their life in the past 12 months
  • Are actively suicidal or in crisis
How is Outro different from working with another provider?

Safe antidepressant deprescribing requires a comprehensive approach that is often difficult for an individual prescriber to provide due to the time required. It also requires up-to-date knowledge on the latest techniques in tapering antidepressants that are not yet widely taught in the United States. Think of Outro as a specialist in tapering.

At Outro, we walk with you every step of the way. Our specialized, high-touch care team takes time to get to know you and your goals, and provides an advanced, individualized approach to tapering off antidepressants informed by the latest guidance and clinical evidence. Through Outro’s app, your symptoms and progress are continuously monitored by your provider, who can reach out to offer coping strategies or adapt your care plan accordingly. If you have questions or concerns that arise in between appointments, your Outro provider is available via 1-to-1 chat.

What if I've tried to stop before?

Many people have difficulties when they try to go off antidepressants. Our team of expertly trained clinicians will develop a tailored tapering program, informed by the latest scientific evidence and designed to minimize withdrawal effects - even for these people who have tried to stop before.

What medications does Outro taper?

We are making preparations to expand to other psychotropic medications like benzodiazepines and gabapentinoids, which also follow the hyperbolic tapering method. You can express an interest in tapering these medications in our sign-up form.

We currently offer taper management for antidepressant medications (e.g., duloxetine, escitalopram, sertraline, venlafaxine). You can see the full list here.

Where is Outro available?

Outro is currently serving patients in California. If you are located in another US state, be sure to express your interest via our sign-up form. We'll be providing regular updates and announcements as we expand our reach.

Personalized tapering support that’s ready when you are

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