Providing an alternative to drug-centered mental healthcare

At Outro, we're building the solution that many of our team members wish they'd had when deciding to discontinue their medications. Our dedication stems from a deep appreciation for good science and patient choice.

Our story

From pioneering peer support groups to rewriting national guidelines

Outro co-founder Dr. Mark Horowitz was prescribed an antidepressant while in medical school, on his way to earning a PhD in the neurobiology of depression and the pharmacology of antidepressants. Years later, as a training psychiatrist in the UK, Mark followed traditional guidance to wean himself off his antidepressant, only to experience panic attacks, sleep disruptions, and a depression far worse than anything he had experienced before.

Left searching for solutions, Mark found an online community of thousands of others in similar situations. Founded by Adele Framer, an advisor to Outro, this community inspired Mark’s research into safely stopping antidepressants and the development of the hyperbolic tapering approach that is now the standard of care in the UK, and the backbone of Outro’s individualized tapering plans.

Having had her own difficulties going off an antidepressant, Adele has dedicated more than a decade to being a lay researcher in and patient advocate for safe tapering, counselling more than 10,000 people through their journeys off medication. We draw on Mark and Adele’s world-leading knowledge to support our team in providing the highest level of care and safety to our members.

Hyperbolic Tapering

A new method, based on neurobiology

Today, Outro is building the first tech-enabled, comprehensive service for helping millions of people safely discontinue their psychiatric medications. This includes not only providing tapering services, but also developing research and awareness around withdrawal, safe tapering, and the promise of more sustainable approached to mental well-being.

Based on the latest evidence

Our evidence-based methods are based on neurobiology, and designed to minimize withdrawal symptoms from antidepressants.

Grounded in neurobiology

Through personalized tapering plans and holistic education, Outro helps reduce your risk of depression or anxiety relapse.

Designed to reduce withdrawal

Sustainability is key, and that's why we provide a suite of holistic health resources around topics like mindfulness, nutrition and movement.

Who we are

Meet some of our experts in evidence-based deprescribing

Dr. Mark Horowitz | Expert in antidepressant tapering and withdrawal
Mark Horowitz, MD

Dr. Horowitz is the world-leading expert in deprescribing. Drawing from his personal experience and academic research, his work has informed international guidelines on safely stopping psychiatric medications.

Charlotte Herring NP | Outro Health
Charlotte Herring
Lead Nurse Practitioner

Charlotte is a nurse practitioner, health coach and mindfulness facilitator, highly experienced in providing high-quality care via telemedicine. She is passionate about helping patients build holistic  strategies for sustainable mental well-being.

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Dr. Bryan Shapiro | Outro Health
Bryan Shapiro, MD
Senior Consultant

Dr. Shapiro is a board-certified psychiatrist, holding an academic position at UC Irvine Medical Center. He was involved in the conceptualization on hyperbolic tapering, driven by his own lived experience with antidepressant withdrawal.

Dr. Bryan Shapiro | Outro Health
Eli Kalika, MD
Supervising Psychiatrist

Eli Kalika is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in acute stabilization, titration and/or moving acute phase treatment to maintenance, and the marriage of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. He is experienced in collaboration with and training of residents, medical students, and nurse practitioners.

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Dr. Bryan Shapiro | Outro Health
Kelsey Adams, NP
Nurse Practitioner

Kelsey Adams is a Family Nurse Practitioner educated at Stanford and UCSF, passionate about assisting patients to achieve their health goals. She has a warm and collaborative approach to her work with patients and appreciates building relationships over time.

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Adele Framer | Outro Health
Adele Framer
Peer Support Advisor

Adele is a patient advocate and lay expert in tapering and withdrawal, having founded the website Surviving Antidepressants, as well as the Psychotropic Deprescribing Council, a nonprofit organization for research and education.

Personalized tapering support that’s ready when you are

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