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Adele Framer

Patient Advisor

Adele Framer, founder and president of the Psychotropic Deprescribing Council, a nonprofit organization for research and education, is also a patient advocate and lay expert in psychiatric drug tapering and withdrawal, having studied it since her own experience going off an antidepressant in 2004. In 2011, she founded the Web site  to provide peer support for tapering, and in 2021 published a well-received paper, "What I have learnt from helping thousands of people to taper off antidepressants and other psychotropic medications" in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology.

Adele's peer support website has provided the model for many groups that have now emerged and she has articulated some of the key principles in this space, including hyperbolic tapering and protracted withdrawal syndromes. Outro is lucky to have Adele on board, helping her fulfill her aim to equip clinicians with the tools to safely stop the medications they prescribe.

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